Xplore BoX Inspires Outside-the-Box STEM Thinking in Kids with Hands-on Approach

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Rebeca Rodriguez is an Aerospace Engineer with a Masters degree in Space Management who has worked in the space sector and was involved in projects involving the design of deep space habitats and testing of spacecraft hardware. Throughout her time in industry, she was a volunteer involved in education and outreach for kids. Her role as a volunteer has proven pivotal for Rebeca in her professional life as she realized how excited and engaged the kids were in building, testing, and collaborating on STEM activities. In case you are not familiar with the acronym, STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. She took what she learned during her time in the industry and founded Xplore BoX, one of this year’s ventures at SEED SPOT.

Xplore BoX, based out of Phoenix, Arizona, is a monthly subscription-based service providing activity kits to kids. All kits are designed to expose kids to STEM at an early age with hands-on projects and experiments.  These are fields that are, unfortunately, not popular pursuits among American youth—fields that are as important to our nation’s future as they are to our children’s development.

Xplore BoX inspires Outside-the-Box-STEM-Thinking in Kids!

Xplore BoX inspires Outside-the-Box-STEM-Thinking in Kids!

In effect, Xplore BoX provides kids a hands-on compliment to traditional education. In other words, what the children learn in textbooks at school can be applied in the form of a rocket building kit or a planetarium at home. Essentially, Xplore BoX is a subscription service where parents will receive a new activity kit each month. It will contain an item that will engage the child, first in the construction of and later the experimentation with, a STEM-related toy or tool. Example topics of activities from previous months include: kitchen science, solar energy, space exploration, flight, and astronomy.

Why is a hands-on approach so important? Rebeca credits her involvement in rocket building with the high school club she founded or prototyping deep space habitats two distinct ways she kept engaged and excited in a competitive field. It is a field that could, if provided no outlet to application of lessons learned, prove difficult to understand and worse, disheartening. She uses her own experience to realize that if you only give people—kids, in this case—the opportunity to build the things that they read about, they too are likely to stay as engaged and excited in STEM pursuits as she did. Indeed, they will realize how rewarding explorations in this field truly are.

In conclusion, it is important to remember that children are inherently interested in things. Many people, places, and things that adults take for granted children find to be marvelous and fascinating. Xplore BoX plays off of this, building and even bolstering this fascination into a crescendo! Rebeca and her company’s credo is “turning little tinkers into big thinkers”. That is exactly what she is trying to do. In order to get our kids excited about STEM, they need STEM role models. That is who Rebeca is. Our children need empowerment. That is why Xplore BoX, in the end, exists.


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