TriageNow Strives To Improve Workers’ Compensation Industry

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TriageNow Nurse call center

TriageNow is a telephonic nurse triage system created by entrepreneurial engineer Chad Haas in 2013.

Haas saw a need in the market for a better solution to handle workplace injuries. We spoke with Chad to learn more about TriageNow and to find out how they’re making huge waves with their industry-changing technology!


How does your startup solve a problem? TriageNow is a time-of-injury solution for workers’ compensation claims. We supply bilingual Registered Nurses at a medical call center who can speak with an injured employee and guide them to the right level of care immediately. This procedure helps to save companies over 8-10 times the cost of our program in medical costs alone.

Who are your customers? We are a cost-effective workers’ compensation solution for any physical trade, restaurant groups, manufacturing companies, warehouses, logistics companies, etc.

Workers' Compensation

What do you consider your biggest successes and failures? I don’t really evaluate things such as “success and failures.” I see them all as life lessons and what to watch out for in future ventures. But if I had to put a title to it, my biggest failure was my third endeavor in the fitness industry during the 2008-09 recession.

What tools do you wish you had access to starting out? When growing a company, financial resources are always a concern.

What does your business still need to succeed? We need to continue to improve our technology and separate ourselves even further from our competitors. We are also looking for investors to help us bring new technology to the workers’ compensation industry.

What sets you apart from your competitors? We operate our platform with proprietary software that was created with workers’ comp algorithm designed by a Military Triage Physician. All required documentation is completed at the time of incident, and sent to the client representative within minutes of completing the call. All phone calls are recorded to ensure quality, and TriageNow offers the ability to co-brand and private label all of their services.

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What hurdles have you faced in being an entrepreneur? It’s always a challenge to raise capital to fund our great ideas! We are looking for investors to help us create all of the software and technology we wish to provide.

How many companies have you started? 5

Were you inspired or encouraged through mentors? If so, who were your influences? Both of my grandfathers were successful entrepreneurs in Chicago. I guess I take after them.

What advice can you offer new startups and budding entrepreneurs? We all have delusion of grandeur or we would never try to create these radical startups and take risks that put us on the map or take us back to the drawing board. The biggest advice I can give is to listen to your peers, friends and investors -even when they don’t invest. There is wisdom, experience and honesty in there somewhere that could create your pivot point to lead you to success.

What is the next step – do you wish to continue growing TriageNow or sell the company and start more businesses? Currently, we are looking to continue to watch the company grow, but who knows what the future will bring.

National Workers' Compensation and Disability Conference

What’s next?

Catch up with Chad Haas of TriageNow at the National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas on Nov. 19-20. If you will be at the conference, and would like to set up a meeting with TriageNow, please send an email to

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