The Real Deal About Entrepreneurism

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Guest Blogger: Kathy Bass, Ladies Who Brand

Here is one of the most common definitions of Entrepreneur:
ENTREPRENEUR – The owner or manager of a business enterprise who makes money through RISK and INITIATIVE.

Hmm RISK… How many people do you know who want to become an entrepreneur but they never take any risks like quitting their job, or investing some money into their idea/business or even just putting themselves out there because they are afraid to fail??

And how about INITIATIVE? Or as I like to define it – TAKING ACTION. We all know someone who is constantly TALKING about starting a business, but never DOING anything about it.

It is time to debunk the myths.

1) I’ll be Able to Work Less.
2) It Will be Easier Than Having a Regular Job.
3) I Will Get More Time OFF.
4) A Great Business Will Become Successful Overnight.
5) I Have to Have the Next BIG IDEA like Facebook to Start My Own Business.

1)  You Actually Work More <— At Least in the Beginning.
3) There is No Such Thing as TIME OFF.
4) Even the Best Businesses Take Time to Become Successful.
5) SMALL and SILLY Ideas Can Make a TON of $$$.

No one gives you a road map or a special recipe for success. It’s all about working really hard, taking really scary risks and learning from your mistakes.  It is much harder than most jobs, but when you figure out what WORKS…NOTHING IS SWEETER!

From a $9.99 ebook, to the humble idea of selling diapers online, there is no idea too small to build a foundation in which to live the life of your dreams.

Please don’t overlook the simple opportunities in front of you.

Excerpts from Melanie at the Entrepreneuress Academy
{Melanie is my online mentor who I would like to thank for keeping it real, while being able to inspire other entrerpreneurs!  Check out her website, she can help you too!}

Knowledge and action will help you overcome common fears.
Power up!

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2 Comments on "The Real Deal About Entrepreneurism"

  1. Mistie January 31, 2012 at 8:15 am · Reply

    This sound like a great book and I’m glad someone is saying it like it really is. Without great risk you can have a great reward!

  2. Kathy Bass, The Branding Lady February 8, 2012 at 4:04 pm · Reply

    Thanks Mistie! I like to practice what I preach…Realistic optimism.
    As “they” say: no risk, no reward. Hope you enjoy this quote:

    “This the world of white water where we have to change to survive; where we have to develop to thrive; and, paradoxically, where the very act of change increases the risk that we won’t survive.”
    — Randall White, Phillip Hodgson and Stuart Crainer
    The Future of Leadership: A White Water Revolution

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