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January 14, 2015, No comments

I’m not a huge fan of televised awards ceremonies. The awards usually don’t mean much and sometimes are even quite contrived. However, I do pay attention to the various college […]

The 7 Responsibilities of Business Leadership in Any Economy

January 8, 2015, No comments

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Success has a recipe and don’t screw with the recipe! The problem for many entrepreneurs and bus ...

time management

13 Tips to Get Your “TIME FREAK” On

October 22, 2014, No comments

It is very well documented; I’m a time management freak. I believe that through the application of foundational prioritization and time management p ...

dream big

Are You Nuts?

October 16, 2014, No comments

Have you ever shared a dream or goal to someone that you loved or trusted to have them look back with a smile to say, “You’re Nuts! That’s crazy ...

  • 8020_Records
    80/20 Records Adds Some Rhythm to Coworking
    February 18, 2014, No comments

    Let’s get acquainted with CO+HOOTS member, Mike Zimmerlich of 80/20 Records. His business is a local record company that partners with artists to create a quality experience for music fans […]

    CO+HOOTS Community Profile: Larry Cummings
    February 11, 2014, No comments

    Recently, moved into CO+HOOTS, a wonderful coworking office in downtown Phoenix. Many of our new neighbors are self-employed, small businesses and startups so we decided to get to know […]