Repair Report is an Auto Repair Industry Game-Changer Long Overdue

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One of the hardest things to do in life is to have trust in mechanics. If you don’t know the ins and outs of auto repair, it’s really easy to walk out of a repair shop feeling over-charged or even cheated. In fact according to Jamison Hill, Founder of Repair Report, surveys found that a surprising 50% of drivers do not trust auto mechanics.

But thanks to the innovations of Hill and his partner Joseph Miller, finding the right mechanic and deal for car repair just became as simple as scheduling a Multiquote Inspection™ with one of their 26, hand-selected Repair Report certified repair shops throughout the valley.

Repairreport.comWith Repair Report drivers can now take their car into any one of the certified shops and with one inspection expect several shop offers – 5 to be exact. As Repair Report sends new leads to these vetted shops, Repair Report shops will publish diagnosis details online following an inspection allowing other qualified network shops to place an offer to complete the repairs. Minutes after the diagnosis, drivers now get several competitive offers and skip the “shopping around” game.

“Repair Report is going to change the game, in that now repair shops are going to shop for you. Competitive repair shops will receive new leads without the risk or cost of traditional advertising – it’s a no brainer & it’s a win-win.” Miller said.

Repair Report came to fruition after Hill’s wife’s vehicle broke down during one hot Arizona summer day. Both Hill and his wife learned quickly, as millions of distressed drivers nationwide already know from firsthand experience, that automotive repair is an expensive and stressful endeavor. “Websites that display customer reviews can only help drivers come into contact with service providers, they can’t ensure a positive experience after they’ve left the site. Repair Report helps customers through every step of the car repair process; from initial contact all the way to finding drivers the best deals and, ultimately, a successful repair.” Hill says.

As recent Arizona State University graduates from the W.P. Carey School of Business, Hill and Miller landed top place in ASU’s 2013-2014 Edson Student Entrepreneurship program and were awarded $20K in seed funding, office space and mentorship in assisting them in their quest to bring transparency and a better reputation to the auto repair industry. Interestingly enough, just prior to winning admittance into the Edson program, Repair Report filed a business method patent protecting their ability to aggregate offers on behalf of their clients from competing repair shops.

With only weeks before launching their web application, Repair Report doesn’t only boast 26 highly skilled shops within their stable, but also in the securing of the toll-free number 1-800-CAR-REPAIR to assist in their challenging marketing efforts. Finding an honest mechanic and the best deal on auto repairs without shopping around will never be easier than with a tool like Repair Report. “With 85% of drivers voicing preference to Repair Report over the traditional way to find a mechanic and 1-in-2 shops joining the network,” Hill says,  “…we are on the brink of changing the way drivers experience their car repairs forever.”

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    I think repair report is an excellent idea! I appreciate your thoughts.

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    It’s so true. Nowadays you can’t trust on any mechanic during repairs of your car, but the idea of Repair-Report can easily solve your this problem. Thanks for sharing with us.

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