PACC Launch Party Unites Players and Business Pros At AZSFE

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PACC at Arizona Sports Fan Expo

By: Lauren Fach

On Saturday, June 28, the Professional Athlete Chamber of Commerce (PACC) kicked off their launch mixer at the Arizona Sports Fan Expo at the University of Phoenix Stadium, in the perfect forum for connecting professional athletes and business owners.

The event consisted of a press conference structure where Founder John Bronson gave an overview of PACC, sharing with the public how they can benefit from joining this exclusive professional network, while also recognizing many pro athletes in the room. Afterwards the room transformed into a networking event where everyone could discuss strategic opportunities and partnerships.

“The Pro Athlete Chamber of Commerce launch mixer was a huge success. We had over 250 business professionals and pro athletes attend,” said Bronson. “We’re excited to add a dimension of business between pro athlete and business professionals that has been created in a vetted and exclusive.”

PACC is a network that connects business professionals to pro athletes for networking, strategic partnerships and other opportunities. This organization was created as a trusted community for athletes and business professionals to initiate business opportunities on both sides.

Pro Athlete Chamber of Commerce Launch Party

Athletes have spent a lifetime playing their sport and business professionals are leaders in their industry. Each side can help each other with partnerships, education, promotions and marketing. Once the athletes and business professionals have trust and they can build a partnership.

“It was a good fit to connect with show creator Susan Ratliff and hold our launch at the Sports Fan Expo. By announcing our plans for the future in a stadium filled with athletes, business professionals and sports fans, there’s a ton of exposure, it’s just a great venue to have everyone in one place. It’s win-win,” said Bronson.

Bronson understands being on both sides. He was a pro athlete for the Arizona Cardinals and before that he played in college for Penn State.

“My job was to play football, anything extracurricular was a bonus” Bronson said.

“Sports are not forever, not like other careers where you build from the ground up, in professional sports, you start at the top, and eventually you have to go into your second career,” said Bronson. “PACC is something that helps you go from a pro athlete to a business professional. Resources are provided to transition with people that they trust from their industry.”

PACC Booth with athlete autograph signings at Arizona Sports Fan Expo

PACC Booth with athlete autograph signings at Arizona Sports Fan Expo

Let’s put on the athlete’s cleat for just a minute…

How do I know who to trust unless the research has been done? The trust factor is a BIG deal to athletes and that is why PACC is so important. It’s a trusted community where two vetted people merge their skills together to accomplish goals in a specific industry.

Maybe an athlete wants to start their own business. PACC can match them with an experienced resources that can help get them on the right track with a business plan, financial advice and how to manage employees, while the business professional could use the help from a pro athlete for promotions, partnerships, additional funding sources and more.

If you’d like to join the PACC network, visit their website for more information:



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