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Indulgent Confections

By: Lauren Fach

The team at Indulgent Confestions wanted to create something more than a brand when they began Indulgent Confections a year ago. They wanted to start a business that would make people happy. C.O.O. Glen Flook thought, “what better way to make someone happy than by giving them a gift or reward?”

After doing some research on a company name and approving blueprints for the package design, they chose to name the creation Indulgent Confections and to go with the tagline “Live Confectionately,” which defines a lifestyle of treating people with sweetness and random acts of kindness.

Because Indulgent Confections is a gift, the packaging is extremely important, and is made to look elegant and soft to the touch.

Indulgent Confections gift box

In July 2013, Glen took this new company Indulgent Confections with award-winning packaging to its first trade show, the San Francisco International Gift Fair.

Indulgent Confections has done remarkably well in the gift-giving channel. Glen’s sales reps attend 16 gift marts a year, eight in January and another eight in July, in order to meet buyers, take orders and market the product. As a startup, Indulgent Confections is looking to hire more sales representatives to actively sell the product. They currently have 80+ gift channel sales reps that independently sell the product across the United States.

Indulgent Confections can be found across the country in high-end gift shops, wineries, florists, home décor stores, boutiques and more. Indulgent Confections products are also available for purchase online at Amazon. Future endeavors will add a fundraising component, where corporations, charities and schools can resell Indulgent Confections creations and make a profit for their cause or charity.

Indulgent Confections

The next opportunity Glen wants to pursue is direct to consumer sales online. Currently, Indulgent Confections products are sold on in boxes of eight, perfect for dividing up and giving as gifts!

There are so many reasons to give someone special a gift throughout the year. Gift-giving can pose a challenge, as it’s sometimes difficult to select the perfect gift for the variety of people in your life. Indulgent Confections serves as a scrumptious surprise to express gratitude, to reward a random act of kindness, to celebrate a holiday or milestone or just to show someone that you care!

Indulgent Confections makes it their mission to reward people who “Live Confectionately,” meaning those who display random acts of kindness, who pay good deeds forward and those who strive to make a difference in people’s lives. Indulgent Confections celebrates a job well done with the most wholesome and decadently delicious ingredients in beautifully packaged products.

Recently, Indulgent Confections participated in Make A Difference Day on Oct. 25, with Yelp Phoenix, which brought together 150 volunteers in a national day of community service. Each helper received a special gift from Indulgent Confections for their volunteer efforts at St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance in Phoenix!

Indulgent Confections represent a belief that life’s sweetest moments and dearest friendships are enhanced by small indulgences that can be simply provided with their exquisitely delicious line of fine confections.

Indulgent Confections Almond & Raspberry Bark

Indulgent Confections creations are the combination of artisan confectionary recipes, the most wholesome ingredients and an unrelenting commitment to quality wrapped up in a beautifully packaged gift. The line of delicious confectionary treats include: Chocolate Caramel Popcorn, Almond & Raspberry Bark, Almond Cluster, Dark Chocolate Tart Cherry, Caramelized Nut Mix, Cinnamon Toffee Almond, Pecan Praline and Blueberry & Pomegranate Nut Crunch.

Indulgent Confections is a wonderful way to show the special people in your life that you care.

Check back in Spring 2015 for the release of new signature flavors!

Live Confectionately!

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