Half Price Lawyers, Investor RoundTable Sponsor

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Half Price Lawyers

Our GrowSouthwest principle, Scott Kelly, paid a visit to Las Vegas recently and chatted with Half Price Lawyers, a sponsor at the Funding Post Investor RoundTable on July 17, at the brand new InNEVation Center in Las Vegas.

GrowSW met with Matthew Hagerty, the Corporate Law Department Head.

GrowSW: What are some of your goals for the Funding Post event?

Matthew: Far too many business owners haven’t been told the legal necessities behind running a business, we want to change that. We want to make businesses aware of pitfalls they could encounter. With our “flat rate” fee structure, we provide these services at affordable rates to all of our clients.

Half Price Lawyers

GrowSW: What are the top 3 things businesses need?

Matthew: First, choosing the right business entity is key, too many people utilize expensive corporations when they should use LLC’s. Second, too many businesses are run without rules, every company should have bylaws or an operating agreement. Lastly, make sure you are not overreaching financially. Businesses should be cautious and place a proper value on investment and services. It’s good to have a non-bias opinion.

GrowSW: What will you be speaking about at the Funding Post event?

Matthew:  We want to communicate that business services can be affordable. Half Price Lawyers For Business offers high quality service for small businesses. These are some of the topics we handle:

> Business Formation
> Contract Drafting/Review
> Investment Preparation
> Debt & Credit Repair Negotiation
> Intellectual Property (Trademarks & Copyright)
> Pre-Litigation Advice

GrowSW: That’s sounds extremely valuable to any startup. Can you tell us more about the Las Vegas scene for entrepreneurs?

Matthew: Startups in Vegas are thriving for many reasons. This city is a global melting pot, tourism is a huge draw to Las Vegas and it’s very open, all businesses can find someone here. Legally, Nevada has easy access to the courts for entrepreneurs through their business courts division. Nevada is also tops in the country in terms of maintaining privacy for business owners, as well as having no corporate or state income taxes.

GrowSW: Can you tell us more about how Half Price Lawyers got started?

Matthew: The company was formed roughly three years ago. Recently, it was purchased by our Managing Partner Glenn Truitt. We have a staff of 45+, including 12 attorneys servicing all areas of the law.

We have a unique staff structure at Half Price Lawyers, where four full-time attorney are employed specifically to handle the intake of clients. This way, our clientele can always have access to a professional, for all of services, who can answer all of their questions.

Marketing for business services is different than standard legal marketing. Business owners wants someone different, someone they can trust on both a personal and professional level. They’re looking for an attorney who they’d feel comfortable with more scenarios than just the office environment. We can and do provide that here at our firm.

GrowSW: If you are attending the Funding Post Investor RoundTable, make sure to shake hands with the good guys at Half Price Lawyers! Visit their website for more information: www.halfpricelawyers.com.

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