Enrolio, Startup Featured At Funding Post Investor RoundTable

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Enrolio is an online video education platform that fixes the hiring process for companies. This startup wants to help people succeed in finding career happiness by plugging the skills gap between college and industry.

Enrolio is creating a simple platform so that anyone can learn a course or train for a better job online. Enrolians will then have the skills required for the new job.

“We help our Enrolians get skills closer to what employers want. We’re saying to employers, ‘Why don’t we have you set the curriculum?'”

Enrolio is currently building their MVP and is very excited at the opportunity to pitch at the Funding Post Investor RoundTable event on July 17, at the InNEVation Center. Enrolio is one of 50 startups that plan to pitch their business idea in 30 seconds or less in front of the investor panel and receive feedback from the panelists.  Enrolio is also featured on YHP (yhponline.com) & betalist (http://betali.st/startups/enrolio)

Here is what Enrolio does:

Take company training courses: With Enrolio you can take online training courses from some of the world’s best employers. Discover and learn the skills desired by employers. We let companies set the learning objectives and curriculum, so you learn relevant skills as determined by companies.

Take company assessments: Once you’ve taken a course, you can then take company certified assessments which tests you based on company criteria. You get the chance to prove to the employer exactly how capable you are

Get a job: You can then leverage the things you’ve learned on Enrolio to apply for jobs. You’ve proven to the potential employers that you are capable and committed. With Enrolio, you have a much better chance of getting the job than the average candidate.

Enrolio Learn a new career

Join Enrolio at the Funding Post Investor RoundTable on July 17, to hear their 30-second pitch. You can register here: http://www.fundingpost.com/breakfast/reg1.asp

To learn more about Enrolio, visit their website: enrolio.com.


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  1. Steven Eng July 20, 2013 at 3:28 am · Reply

    Great event! Awesome feedback!


    Tell who you are – Less is more because, when it comes to highlighting your achievements, you are the average, not the sum, of what you share. Your education and what you have done in the past is key.

    Tell me your “Secret Sauce” ASAP. Why is your idea different that similar ideas we’ve heard of before.

    Talk about the barriers to entry, the cost of switching and how that stops competition.

    Be confident, energetic and enthusiastic. Act like you deserve to be there.


    Talk too much about yourself.

    Don’t be nervous. This is a real opportunity to garner interest from people who can write checks. Come with your A game.

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