Bust’DD: Bras with Bust

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Bust'DD It's a bravolution!

Laura Johnson and Kim Johnson were having the same problem. They just didn’t know it yet. Both women had issues with how their bras fit.

“It can completely change your entire attitude when you know you look good underneath your clothing, it can just boost your confidence, you walk taller and are in a better mood,” Laura said.

She had just gotten back into the dating world, but was frustrated at the limited choices she had for her bras.

“I just got frustrated and thought ‘Somebody’s got to be able to do something about this, so I guess I’ll wait and see if the market changes’. I got frustrated enough that I thought I could do something about this,” she said.

Watch the video interview below to hear more from Bust’DD founders, Laura and Kim.

Laura began researching what went into making a bra that better fit her and other large busted women. She felt she was a good fit for taking on the task because she had a marketing background. Kim, who has a background in finance, was faced the same troubles and had begun her own research. Then a mutual friend introduced these two and they joined forces. And thus Bust’DD was born.

The two took their idea to Startup Weekend, a convention and competition to encourage entrepreneurship. They ended up winning the weekend and a suite of resources that included mentorship and resources from ASU SkySong, the Tallwave company, among others, to draft up a business plan. Having those resources at their fingertips, along with the help of the entrepreneurial community in Arizona, has helped Bust’DD become a reality.

Bust'DD Founders Laura and Kim

Laura and Kim are working their bras off to make sure curvy ladies have better bra options!

“Since we won Startup Weekend, we’ve gotten so much support from the entrepreneurial community. We’ve had mentors approach us, people we weren’t even initially set up with through (Startup Weekend) that have reached out and said they want to mentor us because they want to see us succeed,” Kim said.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 5.37.16 PMBust’DD has now gone to their audience to take their next step. They have started an account with Indiegogo, an online funding platform, in hopes to raise $25,000 to create their first beta tests to show to investors. Anyone can go online and donate anywhere from $5-$5,000 and receive various gifts for their contributions.

Click the link below to contribute to the Bust’DD Indiegogo campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/beautiful-bras-for-busty-babes

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