BioAccel Opens New Facility in Peoria

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BioAccel is a game changer in transforming the landscape of the medical entrepreneurial field in Arizona. This non-profit company takes companies in the life science fields and “bridges the financial gap from that exists between discovery and development.”

“Funding for specific life science projects, they provide technical and business expertise to assist entrepreneurs and early stage companies to move discoveries toward commercialization and provide educational opportunities to entrepreneurs, scientists, the public and students to better understand the requirements necessary to transform a life science discovery into a commercial success.”

Providing this oversight to developing medical companies accelerates the company’s abilities to get their product out to the public and changing the life science world.

A reporter from GrowSW sat down with MaryAnn Guerra of BioAccel to find out more:

BioAccel just recently opened a new facility in Peoria, Ariz., to help six companies develop their products. They provide labs, testing areas and business oversight to get these products to the next level. The hands-on approach will bring some of tomorrow’s medical products into today’s field. This partnership with the City of Peoria will help to incubate new ideas and create companies that can stabilize and enter the local economy. The new facility is state of the art and is dedicated to medical devices that can be new companies in Arizona.

Mary Ann Guerra speaks about the importance of BioAccel for the medial field. She believes philanthrocapitalism helps companies like BioAccel and in turn, all of society. This format is a new model that can change the landscape of how companies are funded and can grow. Watch more as MaryAnn Guerra describes how BioAccel is truly bridging the gap:

Chairman of the Board talks about what exactly BioAccel does and how they bridge the gap from concepts to the real-world market. BioAccel aids in every aspect of development until the product and technology reaches fruition. Learn more about how BioAccel takes companies in the life science fields and “bridges the financial gap from that exists between discovery and development.”

Find out more about BioAccel on their website: or on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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