A Bird’s Eye View of Chandler’s New Gastropub, The Perch

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The Perch Pub

The culinary and brew scene in Chandler is about to get a whole lot more interesting. The Perch is a perfectly-named pub opening in late October. James Swann, Rebecca Lavenue and Sue Sechrest have teamed up to bring one of the coolest pub concepts to historic downtown Chandler.

Business partners James Swann, Rebecca Lavenue and Sue Sechrest originally met over social events in Chandler. After realizing they each had something special to bring to the table in terms of a new business, they set out to do renovations and remodeling to a series of 1960’s Chandler homes that most recently served as an antique mall. The Perch has now transformed into a pub that will feature indoor and patio seating amidst a lush, jungle-like ambiance.

Business Partners: James Swann, Sue Sechrest and Rebecca Lavenue

Business Partners(L-R) James Swann, Sue Sechrest and Rebecca Lavenue

James Swann is an expert in all things having to do with craft beer. Previously, he was a former distributor and general manager at San Tan Sun Brewing, a bar manager at The Hungry Monk and most recently, a buyer and beloved beer class instructor at Whole Foods. He’s amassed a frothy following of foodies and beer enthusiasts and now brings that expertise to The Perch. “I became a big fan his (Swann’s) when he worked at Whole Foods,” notes Lavenue. So much so, that a business venture was in order.

Naturally, The Perch will have beer. And because it’s Swann, it will be different. The restaurant will boast 25 beers on tap “We’re going to stay way out in left field when it comes to beer,” Swann notes. “We’ll have Dragonfruit Double IPA and beers with acai and pomegranate.” A brewery is also slated to open at The Perch January 2014, with Andrew Bauman recently being named as brewmaster.

With Swann as the driving force in the area of beer, he has some special plans. “We want to appeal to our female clientele,” Swann explains. “We’ll be very, very female friendly and we’ll have a strawberry beer on tap, a hard cider on tap and a Belgian peach ale on tap.”

The menu at The Perch is also designed with a lot of special touches. “We’re a southwest upscale gastropub. We’ll have a lot of fresh items on our menu, vegetarian items, too. It will be a fresh, modern, upscale menu with lots of citrus.” Happy Hour will run from 3:00-7:00 p.m. each day and there will be $5 wine available at all times.

The Main Patio at The Perch

The Main Patio at The Perch

One very notable asset of The Perch is the rooftop patio aptly named…”the perch”. The rooftop patio will have seating for 60, its own designated bar with 10 brews on tap and bird’s eye views of downtown Chandler. “You can see everything up there. You can see all around Chandler,” says Swann.

Partner Rebecca Lavenue purchased the property on which The Perch is perched and the deal came complete with 60 exotic birds ranging from small finches to majestic McCaws. The partners have upgraded and improved the aviary and cages and now guests will be able to enjoy the flock of feathered friends that calls The Perch their permanent home.

There will be ongoing events at The Perch including “Cognac and Cigars’ (held up on the rooftop patio) and “Manicures and Martinis” where gals can come enjoy a martini and go get their nails done at a salon located in the same retail space.

The Perch is also a work in “green” love. Many of the materials that were previously at the site have been moved and reused both inside and outside the pub. “”Most of the wood is reclaimed wood and we used it in various places,” notes Sechrest. “All the brick is reused, too. We’ve moved a lot of it around.” Another repurposed item is the bathroom sink pedestal which is a giant tree stump that was found during construction.

Adventures In Brew

In addition to the great menu and exceptional craft beers, The Perch will also be home to Swann’s signature show, “Adventures in Brew” which currently can be seen at www.AdventuresInBrew.com. “Adventures in Brew” is a partner with Black Dog Promotions, with Top Black Dog, Scott Kelly serving as the executive producer of the hip new show that celebrates all thing beer.

Visitors to The Perch can expect exceptional service, an upscale menu without an uptight price, a huge variety of craft beer, a gorgeous ambiance and a fun mix of events each month. Oh, don’t forget to stop by and say hello to white Cockatoo, “Luna” on the front patio. She may just dance for you. Visit The Perch at 232 S. Wall Street in Chandler (south of Chandler Blvd.) Call 480-567-2896 or get more information at https://www.facebook.com/theperchpub.

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